Web Design & Development

I've been building and maintaining websites for over a quarter of a century, having spent over 35 years in IT, specifically systems development and programming.

I design and develop hand-built websites for small businesses, tradesmen, community organisations and individuals. I also offer hosting, database design and content management.

Many of my websites feature custom data tables of products, case studies or other data specific to a business or organisation, together with bespoke backends for easy maintenance.

As a photographer, I can also provide photographic services to help illustrate your website. This can include personal headshots, photos of premises or examples of your work.

Single Page Websites

I can provide affordable single page starter websites for businesses and organisations looking for a simple solution.

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Content Management

If you want the freedom to edit your content you can use my optional no-nonsense content management system.

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Bespoke Application Development

Design and developmnent of bespoke web applications for businesses and organisations.

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Web Hosting

Affordable web hosting for small businesses and organisations, including Wordpress and other popular platforms.

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Single Page Websites

If you're looking to make your first footprint on the web then a single page site can be an affordable way of establishing your presence. A single page can briefly introduce your business or organisation and summarise what you have to offer.

If you have a little more to say you can choose a single page featuring multiple sections linked by sliding navigation. This page is an example of that. These sites are becoming increasingly popular as they allow you to skip from section to section without having to scroll backwards and forwards through a long page.

You can also use a single page website to promote an event or campaign. Or maybe you have a new product launch coming up and want a domain and website as a focal point.

Single page sites can be a great way of making a big impression or engaging people with a narrative. You can use a clean and minimalist design to make a bold statement without overwhelming the visitor with content. Using varyng font sizes can also add to the experience, together with measured use of colour and photographic material.

As with all my sites, you can opt for my easy content management system that allows you to edit the text of the site. You can also modify the page title, description and headings.

My single page websites start at just £150 for a basic design, with UK domain registration and hosting for £75.

To get an idea of what can be achieved with a single page, take a look at One Page Love.


Content Management

Many people like the freedom and convenience of managing the content of their website without having to ask their web designer or developer to make the necessary changes. This can be done using a secure online editor or content management system (CMS).

I can provide you with the option of a simple system that allows you to update the content of your site through a password protected administration area. You simply log in to the system and select the page you want to edit. You can then use the rich text editor to update the content of your site.

The editor allows you to change not only the content of your page, but control the appearance, such as bold, underlined and italic text as well as the font size and colour.

As well as the content, you can also edit the page title, description and headings, all of which can impact your search engine optimisation (how highly the search engines rank your pages).

Content Management Systems can be tailored to the specific layout of your site, allowing you to modify not only the the basic copy but also any sidebars or panels.


Web Application Development

I can provide bespoke and custom web applications to support a wide variety of functions, along with back-end database design, typically based on LAMP platforms (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

Applications and functions can be accessed via a password-protected backend or extranet providing access to custom databases either for simple editing or more complex functions and applications.

Projects I've worked on include members' areas for local community organisations that give access to shared diaries, newsletters and announcements. For local theatrical companies I've provided databases of productions and roles. For museums I've provided databases that allow maintenance of exhibit collections and events. For music festivals I've provided artists' application and scheduling functionality.

One of my clients requested a case studies management system so that they could add details of high profile projects that could also be featured on their website. This included a gallery of images to illustrate the project description.

For another client I provided a registration system for establishments wanting to host events as part of a festival. This included calculation of registration fees and payments using Paypal.

My CMS system provides auditing of all logins and changes. Users can have different levels of authority, from administrators and editors down to simple read only access.

If you have a specialist database project or web based application that you need help with, why not contact me to discuss your needs and get an idea of costs.


Hosting and Domain Names

I can provide hosting up to 2GB with unlimited traffic for £60 a year. You don't have to use one of my websites - you can use you own design or implementation, or you can use Wordpress to publish a site of your own.

I can register and manage your domain name if you don't already have one. The cost is £15 per domain per year for a UK domain or £20 for a .com or .info domain.