Steve Beeston Photography

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy deliberately seeks to avoid legalise and simply explains my approach to privacy in an easily understandable way. All of my work complies with UK legislation including the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Public Photography

There are no laws that restrict the photography of people in public. That said, I’m not in the business of upsetting anyone or making myself unpopular. If someone indicates that they are clearly unhappy with their photograph being taken - either verbally or by their behaviour - I will not photograph them, or if I have already photographed them without their prior knowledge, I will happily delete those pictures if asked.

Functions & Events

Photography is a hugely useful communication tool used by organisations and businesses to both to promote and record events.

My photos are frequently used on social media and the web generally, both by myself and my clients. These photos often feature people who may or may not know they were being photographed. Whilst these people are typically not named personally, Facebook allows people to be tagged and therefore identified by other Facebook users. Facebook also allows those who have been tagged to remove those tags.

I do not publicly post photos taken at private functions without the consent of the client.

Whilst photos of people are defined as personal data by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), this only becomes “sensitive” biometric data if the purpose of the photo is to uniquely identify someone (ie headshots for ID badges).

In terms of explicit compliance with GDPR, people attending events are photographed within the parameters of GDPR legislation on the basis of ‘legitimate interests’. The taking of photographs at events when regarded as a form of processing personal data is necessary for the legitimate interests of my photography business, unless there is a good reason to protect a given individual’s personal data which overrides those legitimate interests.

Stage Photography

I frequently photograph live music and theatrical productions.

These photos are typically used as a record of the event or show and often used to promote future events, usually on the web and in social media, and occasionally in printed material.

Images taken at shows may feature the names of performers.

All personal information collected at such events (ie image data and performer names) is processed on the basis of legitimate interest. However, as with all photographs I take, you can ask that I delete them. However, the deletion of any images passed to clients would have to be taken up with those clients separately.

Finally, I do not sell photographs of people to third parties. The photos I take are either for a client or for my own use.


I use GMAIL to aggregate my email communications.

The information you provide in any email is used solely for the purpose outlined in the email, or in pursuance of the role/project in which you have engaged me. Your details are not added to any database and you will not receive marketing emails or telephone calls from me.