Steve Beeston Photography

Live Music Photography

I cover a wide range of music events and venues, including festivals, folk and acoustic clubs, open mic nights, pubs and dedicated music venues. I've even photographed intimate performances in peoples' homes.

I particularly love the spectacle and energy of big music events, where I can capture the colour and atmosphere of animated perfomers on a big https:// with great lighting.

But I'm equally at home photographing small scale events like folk nights or bands performing in pubs, clubs and halls.

From Festivals To Folk Nights

During festival season I'm busy covering weekend and bank holiday events both on and off https://. As well as the performances themselves I like to capture festivalgoers enjoying themselves across the site taking in the bands, discos, raves and other activities.

At the other end of the scale I'm just as much at home in a pub or music club photographing solo and acoustic acts.

I like to picture arists both close up and in relation to each other and the performance environment.

More Than Just The Music

Whilst much of the audience might be focusing on performers I like to take a good look around at what else makes up a music event.

I like to zoom in on instruments, either in the hands of performers or waiting to be played. There's also the sound equipment, desks and effects peddles. I like to keep an eye on everything that's on https:// such as set lists and performers' drinks, anything that adds to the surroundings, things that people often overlook but are part of the whole event.

I aim to capture the whole event to get a sense of the occasion.

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