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Band Profile Photography

As well as live music photography, I also work with musicians to provide promotional material.

I was recently asked to provide a shot for a new local band named The Greyhound Factory. During a break in rehearsals at River City Studios in Hertford, we shot a simple group photo using a single flash with a black background.  The shot was then edited to reduce the saturation and add some filtering added. The end result is shown below.

Studio shot of local music act The Greyhound Factory
The Greyhound Factory

Other acts I’ve produced promotional material for include Indigo Star, The Trees and  Frankie The Gambler.

Frankie The Gambler

Theatrical Promotion

I frequently work with Hertford Dramatic & Operatic Society, covering both production photos and promotional work.

Later this year The Society will be staging a production of When We Are Married by J.B.Priestley, for which I was asked to produce a period photograph of the main characters. This was to be a family photo similar in style to those used by other production companies to promote the play – a shot of the six main characters posing for the camera.

We did the shoot at The Society’s headquarters where we found a suitable backdrop to pose the actors in costume. We shot a number of poses but chose the final shot after experimenting with various expressions and positionings.

As this was a period photo we chose not to have the subjects smiling. This was the style of the day because exposures were long and holding a smile for that period of time was not feasible – which is why everyone in the 19 century looks unhappy!

As a final touch I then added a sepia effect to the image along with a vignette.

The photo appears on promotional materials such as posters, social media and in the printed programme for the production.

Publicity & Promotion

I work with a number of organisation to provide promotional and publicity shots to accompany press releases and other promotional materials.

Promoting Rhythms Of The World

This shot was taken at an awareness event for the Rhythms Of The World music festival that takes place every year in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Promotional Kitchen Shoot

Earlier in the month I was asked by a local kitchen company to photograph one of their installed kitchens for use in an article in The Jewish Chronicle.


The brief was to visit their client’s home and provide shots of the kitchen, including their client preparing food.

The kitchen was clean, light and airy and the ambient lighting was ideal, meaning that there was no need for strobes or flashguns. The whole shoot took less that half an hour and the edited images provided to the clients PR company within four days.

RiverCity Studios

I took these shots of RiverCity Studios after I was called by an existing client who needed some publicity shots at short notice. They needed some wide views of the premises for their website and printed brochure. I was called at lunchtime and took the shots later in the afternoon, delivering unedited shots in the early evening for review.

Control Room
Reception Area
Reception Area
Rehearsal Room 2
Rehearsal Room 2
Somewhere to relax
Somewhere to relax
Mixing desk
Mixing desk


Parkhurst Music Studio

Last month I was asked to take some promotional interior shots for Parkhurst Music Studio to be use on their website. The two floor studio is used for teaching a variety of instruments, including guitar and drums. The former stable block has recently been renovated and is light and airy.


The studio is south facing and on my first visit there was strong sunlight streaming in to both rooms. This is far from an ideal lighting situation due to the strong shadows and high contrast between the direct sunlight and ambient light, so I returned an hour later when the position of the sun had changed.


The ground floor studio has plenty of light, with large windows along two walls. I used off-camera bounce flash to light the darker corner of the studio to balance the lighting with the rest of the room.


As well as wide shots of both studios I also took photographs of instruments on display in both the studios and entrance hallway.



To get a greater feel for the environment I included some close up shots of instruments, music books and sheet music.



If you’re interested in promotional material or interior shots please feel free to get in touch using the contact form on my website. My catchment area covers much of Hertfordshire and the Essex borders.



I was delighted to be invited to provide some promotional material for a new delicatessen and café in Hertford town centre recently. The business were looking for images to submit to a local magazine and annual restaurant guide showing the interior and exterior of their premises, together with images of their products, including hampers, panettones, cakes and pasties, meats, pasta and other Italian produce.

Exterior photo of Giambrone's cafe and delicatessen in Hertford

As with all such jobs I spent a while on the premises in the days before the shoot to get an idea of the environment – the space, the lighting, the angles and the backdrops. The retail premises is on a corner plot and glazed from floor to ceiling on two sides, giving plenty of light, albeit of a different colour temperature to the internal lighting. Immediately opposite is a vacant shop with whitewashed windows – not the best view out of the premises and something to avoid when taking shots that are meant to look appealing.

The shoot took place during working hours so it was important not to get in the way of customers and staff.  Some shots had to wait until there were less people around whilst others had to be composed to minimise their presence. In a couple of shots it was necessary to airbrush out the odd head or other body part!

Photograph of shop interior

The product shots were probably the simplest as the displays were already well lit, with the fresh pasties and cakes looking especially pleasing. The staff also provided me a some excellent displays of cured meats and freshly made coffee.

Finally, we shot some of the packed goods on shelves and in the refrigerated displays.

A full set of my images from the Giambrone’s shoot can be found on Flickr.

If you’re interested in promoting your business through photography why not contact me to find out how I can help show off your business. Just fill in the contact form on my main website..  

Supple Seniors

All sorts of businesses can benefit from using photographic material to promote their offering and I particularly enjoy working with small local businesses and the self-employed. One such individual who contacted me recently was fitness instructor Fiona Walsh, who runs a fitness class for senior citizens in a local church hall. Fiona was looking for material to use on her website and in printed material.

I visited her class in Hertford Heath Church Hall where I took both posed groups shots and informal photos of the class in session. I spent an hour with the class whilst Fiona went through her usual routine, with me quietly on the sidelines capturing the various exercises she does with the class, as well as the one-to-one help she provides.

About a week after the session a CD of finished images was delivered. Fiona commented: “The photos you took are super.  They are going to be very useful for marketing my classes.  Thanks very much!”

The Trees

I’ve photographed plenty of live music over the years but only recently have I been asked to do promotional shoots for bands. Whilst I was covering last year’s Wilkestock I was asked to take some candid shots for Frankie The Gambler. Then a couple of months later I was approached by The Trees to produce a selection of shots for promotional use. The band already had a clear idea of what the wanted, having found a group of four trees in the middle of a field (there are four members of the band). Costume wasn’t an issue either as they knew exactly the look they wanted. It probably also helped that it was Autumn, a season often associated with trees!

Thankfully the weather was good for the day of the shoot – cloudy with sunny spells. I had already visited the site beforehand to get an idea of the lay of the land, the angle of the sun and most promising compositions.

I wanted to get shots of the band both close up and featuring each member against a tree (although that may have been their idea come to think of it!). Two of my favourite shots shown below illustrate both of these ideas.

I particularly like this shot of the band as it shows them all together but somehow all doing their own thing, with Sam staring off into the distance and David’s glance towards Rick. For me it has echoes of my Frankie The Gambler shot, both images showing the band as a group but also as individuals.

This shot shows each member of the band standing against one of the four trees. In reality the trees were actually much further apart when viewed from this angle so I had to move them closer together using Photoshop.

All of the finished shots feature a little cross-processing. I generally don’t touch the blue channel when adjusting the colours, concentrating on just the the red and green channels. I also tweaked the vibrance to bring out the orange leaves against the green grass.

I’m now looking forward to further commissions, maybe with more scope for art direction. If you’re interested in some promotional images why not get in touch.