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SmallRig leather camera case for Nikon Z fc

A few months ago I bought a Nikon Z fc camera with 16-50mm kit lens and a 50-250mm telephoto lens.

Whist my professional kit is full frame, I do like to have a crop sensor camera around for the reduced size and weight. I was previously using a Nikon D7000 but this was showing it’s age so I decided to trade up. 

This is my second mirrorless camera, my first having been a Sony A7, which I got for a bargain £649 a couple of years back. I like the A7 but I’m primarily a Nikon man, although I do also have a Sony RX100 for the pocket value.

One of the reasons I went for the Z fc  was of course the retro looks. It’s a lovely looking camera and gets noticed when I’m out and about with it. 

I was therefore intrigued when I saw on Nikon Rumors that SmallRig were selling a very affordable half case and strap that complimented to Z fc’s classic looks. The SmallRig case and strap are available on Amazon for just £42.90 and mine took just a couple of days to deliver.

I’ve not used a half case before so had little idea about how it would fit or feel. I looked for reviews and customer images but there was little more than the usual stock marketing shots available online and very few reviews. Most of these were of the case attached to the camera.

So here are my first impressions of the case and a few photos.

Although I had no preconceptions, I was surprised how firm or stiff the case was. Not that this was at all a bad thing. It fits easily but snugly. The fit is good.

The materials are good quality and I would expect them to last. The stitching is well finished and both the strap and case should last a lifetime.

The case initially feel a little awkward as it changes the size and shape of the camera, but I quickly got used to this.

The strap is quite easy to fit too. I had previously been using the triangular clips provided with the camera to attach the strap but took these off to attached the new strap with the round clip that came with it.

Other than that there’s not much to say. This is an excellent case and strap and I would not hesitate to recommend them. 

Photos taken with Nikon D750 and Z5