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EmmaH Lingerie

It’s always a pleasure to help out a new business, so I was delighted to shoot some material for the launch of a new lingerie shop in Hertford.

With retail businesses (and others) I like to focus on the three Ps – Product, Premises and Proprietor, creating a narrative that not only features the product but also the people behind the business and the physical services offered.

I was lucky that the product here was something that trades on visual appeal, so it was just a case of showing the product in an appropriate setting for the business.

In a retail business the premises are also an important factor as it’s the principle point of contact for the customer. In this case I thought it important to show what the premises have to offer the customer, and this was to reflect the thought that had gone into the changing rooms.

And the finally, there’s the proprietor, the person who you’re doing business with – in this case Emma Hares, who prides herself on a personal service.

Here I’ve made a point of showing Emma with the product, rather than making her the sole focus of the shot.

EmmaH Lingerie is now open in Fore Street, Hertford. Her website is at www.emmah.co.uk.

If you’d like to know more about the product photography services I offer please visit my website at www.stevebeeston.co.uk.

Rock At The Castle

Just finished post-production work on Rock At The Castle, Hertford’s annual open-air music festival. Despite a couple of showers the event was well attended and much enjoyed by everyone.

As well as live music on two stages, there was also plenty of food and drink, facepainting, clothes & jewellery, inflatable gladiator jousting and the ubiquitous bouncy castle.

Popular acts this year included the amazing human beatbox Dee Sharp and Juan Zelada, who’s current single Breakfast At Spitalfields was recently BBC Radio 2’s Record Of The Week.

You can find more photos on my Facebook page.

Hertford Music Festival

As a sponsor of Hertford Music Festival, I am providing photographic services for the five week event, covering the opening Musical Mystery Tour, through other performances up to the highlight of the festival, Rock At The Castle in August.

The Musical Mystery Tour sees over a hundred musicians performing at various venues around the town centre, with the centre of activity outside The White Hart in Salisbury Square.

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Nunsense 2: The Second Coming

Hertford Dramatic & Operatic Society are staging a production of Nunsense 2 at their studio theatre this week.

An interesting shoot due to the confined space and highly contrasting levels of light. For many of the scenes I chose manual exposure mode and I was quite pleased with the results.

Year Of The Rat

A shot here from Year Of The Rat, presented by The Company Of Players at The Little Theatre in Hertford.

The production features Jim Markey playing George Orwell (left) accompanied by various characters from Animal Farm, played by Andy Kirtley (right).

Tomb With A View

My second job at Hertford Theatre this month, photographing Hertford Dramatic & Operatic Society‘s production of Tomb With a View by Norman Robbins.

The action takes place in the library of the family home, the gothic Monument House, represented by a box set.

The first and last acts are set during the evening, with the lighting reflecting the colour temperature and characteristics of artificial light. The second act is set during the day, and is both brighter and cooler.

There’s plenty in this production to keep the photographer busy, with eccentric characters and costumes and plenty of drama.

Godfrey Marriott as Marcus Tomb and Keith Morbey as family solicitor Hamilton Penworthy
Davina Foster plays Freda Mountjoy
Jim Markey as Perry, listens in on a conversation between family solicitor Hamilton Penworthy and nurse Anne Franklin
The late Septimus Tomb’s will is not to everyone’s liking

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ArtFund Judges Visit Museum

Hertford Museum has been long-listed for a prestigeous ArtFund prize, awarded annually to a museum or gallery for excellence and innovation. This year’s listing is in recognition of the museum’s development project, which was completed last year, following a £1m lottery grant.

Members of the judging panel today visited the museum to see for themselves why it merits inclusion in the list, alongside the British Museum and the V&A.

The judges are shown around the museum by trustee Colin Harris (second left) and curator Helen Giles (far right)

Chairman of the judging panel, Michael Portillo, was joined by Charlotte Higgins,  Chief Arts Writer for The Guardian, and Lars Tharp, ceramics historian and art consultant.

As well as being shown around the museum, the judges were also able to see the museum’s store of items at the nearby Seed Warehouse.

Lars Tharp discusses Spanish ceramics with Michael Portillo

They also saw the work carried out by both paid staff and volunteers, including the restoration and preservation of items in the museum’s collection.

Charlotte Higgins chats to one of the museum’s volunteers in the attic

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Hertford Museum

Yesterday I photographed the newly refurbished Hertford Museum. For me, this would involve a couple of areas of photography that I was interested in, specifically interiors and close object photography.

The idea was to produce a series of photos that would show both the museum and it’s exhibits.

Having just spent over £1m, the museum was in pristine condition and looking it’s best following the refurbishment that had taken over a year.

The two objects I enjoyed photographing most were the Victorian dolls’ house and the model of Hertford Castle. I was particularly pleased to be able to get right inside the dolls house and show the extraordinary detail.

Many of the exhibits were either behind glass or in perspex display cabinets. However, with careful positioning of the camera and a polarising filter I was able to eliminate most of the glare and reflections.

A gallery of the photos taken at the museum can be found on my website at stevebeeston.co.uk.