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The Details

When I’m photographing events I always try and keep an eye out for peripheral details. Whilst the main event principally focuses on the people and places, I make a point of keeping an eye out for small details. This might be a wedding ring or a bridesmaid’s shoes, the features of a building, a buffet or party decorations. Whatever the event,  it’s small things seen in passing that form an important part of the narrative.

A ring is always an important part of any wedding or civil ceremony
Party decorations are an important part of a celebration

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Earlier in the month I was asked to shoot some material for a Rigsby’s, a café and restaurant in Hertford’s St.Andrew Street.

The brief was to provide some interior and exterior shots of the restaurant, together with some shots of dishes available on their menu. The imagery would then be used on their website and other promotional materials.

I paid a couple of visits to take the shots, firstly for the interiors and photographing the food, and a few days later – when the sun was shining – to take some further exterior shots.

This shot originally featured a number of overhead cables, which had to be edited out of the final image

This was an interesting assignment because food photography is something I’ve not had a lot of experience with but have been keen to add to my portfolio. We found a suitable location and props whilst the chef was tasked with producing a series of dishes for me to photograph.

Main course

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Food & Drink Festival

Last week I covered Hertford’s first Food & Drink Festival – a two day event featuring markets, demonstrations and exhibitions.

As well as the usual Saturday charter market there was also a Farmers’ Market of local produce such as fruit and vegetables, bread, cheese, cakes and locally brewed beers and cider. In Market Place Andrei Lussmann and Mat Gomes presented creative kitchen cookery demonstrations whilst the museum staged an exhibition titled A Brief History of Food & Drink.

There were plenty of photo opportunities during the weekend and food makes a very appealing subject! In addition to the food photography, the displays and demonstrations were fun to capture.

The gallery here shows a small selection of some of the photos I took. The creative cookery demonstrations were aided by an overhead mirror which provided some excellent views of the chefs at work.

Cake Composition

I recently provided an image for an online cake shop who are looking to upgrade their website. The brief was simply to show the sliced product with a white background.

Having researched similar websites I chose a simple setting that minimised any distraction. I lit the shot using a pair of softboxes at 45 degrees, positioned to avoid any reflections in the plate or fork. I chose an aperture of f8 to keep most of the cake in focus, which at ISO100 gave an exposure of 1/10th second. The only editing was a tweak to the levels in Photoshop.

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