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Frankie The Gambler

Not only are Frankie The Gambler great on stage but they’re also naturals in front of the camera. We took this shot at Wilkestock, using an old Chesterfield on the grass nearby (the bar is surrounded by old sofas – a festival quirk!).

We took a number of shots of the band in various eccentric poses but this was by far the standout image. Post-production editing included blurring the background, removing a slightly distracting member of the bar staff, cross-processing the colour and adding a vignette. You can see the original image by hovering your mouse over the picture. You can also click on the image to see a bigger picture.


There are many effects you can produce in the digital darkroom and one of those often used is cross-processing. This is an effect produced when print film is developed using chemicals for slide film, or vice versa, the result being that subtle shifts occur across the colour curve. This is easily replicated using image editing software.

If you hover your mouse over the photo above you’ll see both the treated and untreated image.

As well as the shift in colour, I’ve also added a vignette and softened the edges of the picture, a characteristic borrowed from Lomo photography.