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Schrodinger’s Strings

I ran in to Schrodinger’s Strings recently whilst taking some promotional shots for a local music festival. I’ve worked with the band in the past, taking promotional and live performance shots and this particular location lent itself very well to the character of the band.

Schrodinger's Strings

I tried a number of different angles but settled on this one as the best. I used Photoshop to enhance the exposure but otherwise the shot comes straight out of the camera.

Update: The band used this image on the cover or their recent CD.

The Wooshdag

Frankie The Gambler have recently released a new CD album featuring a photo I took of the band last year at the Wilkestock music festival.

Frankie The Gambler

The album includes 11 tracks by the band on a faux vinyl CD, together with sleeve notes and a pull out partchment map of The Parish of Wabblemouth.

More information about this shoot here.