Product Photography

I first became interested in product photography whilst working for a manufacturing company, where I was frequently asked to photograph damaged or flawed components, with an emphasis on highlighting the flaw or damage in question. This meant choosing the best angle and lighting for the task. Through this I got interested in the more general area of product photography.

Good product photography is all about lighting and composition, showing the product and detail to best advantage.

More often than not product photography is about sales and making the product appeal to an audience. This can either be in a studio setting or in a real life situation, maybe showing the product in use.

Product photography is much like glamour photography, but without the live models. The production values are similar. How often have you heard a product called ‘sexy’?

Outlets for product photography can include catalogues, printed or online brochures, magazine articles, point-of-sale displays, press advertising, even packaging.

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