I hesitate to use the word “portraiture” when describing my people photography. It almost sounds too formal. The best photos of people come from a relaxed and informal environment, where they are almost unaware of the camera – a situation not always synonymous with studio photography. I therefore prefer to get out into
the field.

Most of the people photography I do is often called lifestyle photography, based on an activity and documenting people in a natural environment doing what they do! One of the things I’m keen on is picturing not only the subject but also the setting. I like to produce a complimentary set of images that illustrate not only the subject but also the surroundings. This helps add interest, atmosphere and context.

For me, it’s not always about a single photo, although there will always be stand-out shots. It’s about conveying something more three-dimensional. In terms of presentation, this can be done using a series of images in a slideshow or collage, giving a sense of movement, of space, of life.

I also like to focus on elements of the subject as well – things that make people individual and help characterise them. This helps to build a fuller, more defined picture of the subject.

Of course, I don’t shoot everything on location. I also have a portable studio, which allows me to photograph people in a studio environment in their own home. This can be useful for more formal photography or for headshots.

This sort of studio photography can be a fun event – an opportunity to dress up and bathe in the spotlight, so to speak. You can be made up and photographed in a selection of costumes, maybe with props and accessories. Again, what you end up with is a fascinating character study based on a series of images.

And then, there are those special occasions when family and friends come together to celebrate – anniversaries, birthdays, engagements etc.

This can be a unique moment to capture people together enjoying themselves. It can also be an important family document – a record of a special time when the generations come together.

I love photographing people, so if you’d like to find out more about the portraiture and lifestyle photography services I offer, please visit my website at