Rhythms Of The World

I regularly cover a number of local music festivals, the largest of which is Rhythms Of The World.  The event takes place at Hitchin Priory and has a capacity of 30,000.

Rhythms Of The World

There are six stages covering a range of musical genres, including the BBC Introducing stage, which together with the Icehouse Stage features the cream, of regional talent.

Amber Run on the BBC Introducing Stage at ROTW 2015
Amber Run on the BBC Introducing Stage

The Main Stage is where the headline acts play whilst the St.Mary’s Stage is focused more on folk and World Music,

The Brand New Heavies on the Main Stage

One of the biggest challenges is the sheer size of the event – two days covering 19 acres is a lot of legwork.

Sukhi Ryatt on the St.Mary's Stage at ROTW 2015
Sukhi Ryatt on the St.Mary’s Stage

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Town Panoramas

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on some panoramic shots for Discover Hertford Online, for use as banner images on web pages. This was an interesting project requiring views of the town with an aspect ratio of 3:1.


Composing panoramic views requires you to look at a scene in a different way. I find this easiest to do in the viewfinder as this imposes a frame on any scene – you then just have to imagine the top and bottom quarters missing. You can do this either in the viewfinder or when reviewing a shot afterwards.


Townscapes offer a number of good compositions – especially junctions, where you can have buildings running off in to the distance on both sides of the picture.

Panoramas give the eye plenty of scope to travel around an image, as opposed to more conventional aspect ratios that typically have a single focal point.


The shot above of Sainsbury’s supermarket also features the store in the middle distance with the old Hertford Brewery in the background and a public artwork in the foreground.


This view of Hartham Common gives a good idea of the space and it’s relationship with the river.

Cantate Alumni Concert

The Cantate Alumni Choir held a gala concert at The Gresham Centre in Central London during April, featuring both the choir and former members who have gone on to form their own outfits.

The Gresham Centre, Central London
The Gresham Centre

Having worked previously with members of the choir I was delighted to be asked to photograph this event. Normally I would visit the location beforehand to get an idea of the layout, environment and lighting but on this occasion I was not able to do this, so I arrived well ahead of time to fully view the space and identify the best angles and plan the best way to move around without drawing attention to myself. Arriving well in advance of the performance also gave me an opportunity to talk to some of the musicians and the stage manager; and to take some shots of the venue and paraphernalia to illustrate the event.

The Cantate Alumni Choir
The Cantate Alumni Choir

The concert ran from 5pm until 7pm, so, being April, there was plenty of natural daylight in the building at the start due to the large windows. However, with the onset of evening, this became mixed with the artificial lighting of the venue (and consequent mix of colour temperatures).

There was plenty here to photograph – performers, audience, venue, instruments, sheet music – lots to give an idea of the feel of the event. There was also plenty to impress the ear too, with some stunning performances from both the choir, individual singers and small groups.

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Renewal Of Vows


I’m increasingly being asked to provide informal coverage of  events such as renewals of vows and blessings. One such event I covered recently took place in Harpenden. The couple had originally married a couple of years ago in the Caribbean but wanted a ceremony in the UK for those who hadn’t been able to attend the wedding.

I was asked to provide some formal shots of the couple and friends in the grounds of Luton Hoo, followed by coverage of the ceremony and reception at a nearby church and hall in Harpenden.


Feedback from the client was very positive: “We love the photos. You’ve done such a great job of getting photos of so many of our guests too which we really appreciate.”

If you’d like to find out more about the photography services I offer, please visit my page about family functions, parties and events.

Publicity & Promotion

I work with a number of organisation to provide promotional and publicity shots to accompany press releases and other promotional materials.

Promoting Rhythms Of The World

This shot was taken at an awareness event for the Rhythms Of The World music festival that takes place every year in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

It’s Party Time

I’m getting more and more requests to photograph parties, which of course I’m delighted to cover. Towards the end of February I attended a couple of birthday parties at a local function venue, Castle House in Hertford, which features a bar, dance floor and seating both inside and out for those that prefer to relax.

Here are some photos of people enjoying themselves!







If you’re interested in having a party, family function or event photographer then you can find out  more by visiting the Party, Anniversary and Family Function page on my website.

Promotional Kitchen Shoot

Earlier in the month I was asked by a local kitchen company to photograph one of their installed kitchens for use in an article in The Jewish Chronicle.


The brief was to visit their client’s home and provide shots of the kitchen, including their client preparing food.

The kitchen was clean, light and airy and the ambient lighting was ideal, meaning that there was no need for strobes or flashguns. The whole shoot took less that half an hour and the edited images provided to the clients PR company within four days.

Oxford Fireworks: JackFM Stage

Probably the last outdoor live music event I’ll cover this year – the JackFM stage at this year’s Oxford Fireworks display at South Park, Oxford, an annual event run by the local Rotary Club.

The stage featured five live acts, including the house band for the evening – Schrodinger’s Strings – an outfit I’ve photographed on a number of occasions.

Thankfully it was a mild evening for the time of year and the forecast downpours cleared before any of the performers took to the stage, so the only real issue was the mud!

Frankenstein’s Lobster
Frankenstein’s Lobster
Owen Paul
Schrodinger’s Strings
Schrodinger’s Strings
Eddie Brown- Schrodinger’s Strings
Balloon Ascents
Balloon Ascents
In The Pink A Capella
In The Pink A Capella

Poppy Appeal

An interesting assignment for The British Legion to mark the launch of this year’s Poppy Appeal.

An image of poppies was projected on to the side of Hertford Castle, following a small buffet supper for local dignitaries and members of the armed forces, along with speeches.

I was asked to cover both the formalities and the projection, the latter of course being the talking point and focus of a subsequent press release by The Legion.

Will I Get All The Photos You Take?

Delivering only the best images from a shoot is standard practice.

Photographers take a wide range of shots on any assignment to deliver the best results. However, this doesn’t mean that the client will see all of those shots. Typically the photographer will select the best compositions for editing and final submission. Shots that are discarded can include those there individuals may be blinking or momentarily not their best, images where the lighting was poor, blurred and shaky photos (yes, it happens even to the pro) and any images that do not meet the photographers high standards.