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I took this photo of Ethan during a Family Photo Day at a local children’s centre earlier this week.

I was struck by how grown-up his expression was, despite his young age. This was particularly surprising given how much fun he was having!

Ian Houghton

I took this photo of actor Ian Houghton during a short session in his home. There’s lots of light in Ian’s house and plenty of white walls to use as background. It then felt natural to have Ian in a white shirt, which minimises any distractions and focuses on the character of the subject.

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Jacob & Emilia

This photo of Jacob and Emilia shows how a fake bokeh can be used to minimise distractions in the background of a picture.

Bokeh refers to the out-of-focus area of a photo, which is the result of using a large aperture and shallow depth of field.

In this case, because Jacob was behind Emilia, it was necessary to use a smaller aperture to get them both of focus. This however meant that the chair and other paraphenalia in the background were also pretty much in focus, creating something of a distraction.

To create the bokeh I used Photoshop to select the background and add gaussian blur to simulate the effect. Whilst this doesn’t remove the distraction completely it does minimise it, focusing the viewer’s attention on the children.


I took some photos of a friend’s young daughter recently and was very pleased with the results. Although she wasn’t really in the mood to have her photo taken I did manage to capture some very nice shots as she broke into a smile.

Gem & Alex

These two girls were a joy to work with. Both relaxed and at ease in front of the camera, they gave me a great afternoon’s photography.

We spent a couple of hours shooting on Hartham Common and at St.Leonard’s Church and I was really pleased with the results.

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