Hertford Villages Gallery

During April I worked on a series of postcard-like images of villages in the countryside around Hertford. These photos included local buildings, village ponds, rivers, churches and pubs.


Locations include Little Amwell, Chapmore End,  Sacombe and  Stapleford.

The photos were taken with a Fujifilm X100S using the Fuji Velvia film simulation. The border was added with Nik Collection Color Efex Pro (Type 1 width 20%). Tone and colour were processed with the 
Nik Collection Analog Pro Classic Camera 2 filter. Finally the titles were added with Affinity Photo using French Script font.


The X100S is a recent acquisition and I’m delighted with it. Not only is it a gorgeous looking camera but the image quality is excellent, especially when combined with Fuji’s film simulations. This is my first Fuji camera (my pro gear is Nikon) but I suspect I’ll be tempted toward their interchangeable lens range at some stage in the future.

Fujifilm X100S camera

I’ve since bought a lens hood and filter adapter, allowing me to use my favoured polarising filter with the camera.

I find that Spring is an ideal time to photograph the countryside, just as the sun is higher in the sky and leaves coming out on the trees,

Tewin village

The complete collection of 15 stylised images can be found in the galleries section of the website.