Photographing The Work of Alan Davie

Hertford Arts Hub have recently engaged me to shoot a number of events to promote their organisation and activities, including exhibitions, activities and talks, much of it about the artist Alan Davie, who lived in Hertford during his latter years.

Exhibition of Alan Davie’s work

I was also asked to photograph some of his artworks for use in leaflets and other printed matter. These paintings were on display at a temporary exhibition in the town.

Unfortunately, lighting conditions were far from ideal as can be seen from the picture above. It was clear that I was going to have to chose an overcast day to shoot the works, although even then the lighting was not going to the balanced (I chose not to use my own lighting as the client had limited funding).

I shot the photos using a tripod with an aperture setting of f8 and focal length of 50mm. The ISO was set to 100.

Post processing consisted of some dodging to compensate for any uneven lighting along with levels adjustments.

Most of the paintings were unframed. Only a couple were behind glass – one with a matt finish and the other with conventional glass. I shot all the pictures with a polarising filter.