Wedding Of The Year

Despite not being a full-on wedding photographer, I do cover a handful of weddings every year. These functions typically come my way by word of mouth – from people who know my photojournalistic style and informal coverage of family functions and events.

Jade and Martin’s wedding was the largest wedding I have covered recently, and included preparations at the bride’s father’s home, travel to the wedding location, outdoor ceremony and both afternoon and evening receptions.

The day started mid-morning, where I photographed a team of of stylists and markup artists preparing the bride, bridesmaids, maid of honour and bride’s mother at the family home.

Once the  bridal party were ready, they were transported to the wedding location in a Range Rover, whilst the bride followed shortly after in a Rolls Royce.

Having photographed the departures of the bride and bridal party, I headed off to the wedding location, arriving just in time to photograph the arrival of the bride.

Wedding guests greeted the bride before the outdoor ceremony.

I always try and get the all important shot of rings being exchanged, which typically involves a long long lens and some challenging angles.

As with all such functions, I had previously visited the location to get an idea of the space and lighting, particularly the position of the sun at the time of the ceremony.

Another moment not to be missed is the confetti, requiring rapid fire shutter release.

Whilst I do not offer traditional big budget wedding photography, I’m happy to provide reportage style coverage of such days. If you think this is something that you might be interested in, why not contact me for a personal consultation.