The Witches Of Eastwick

As part of their promotion for The Witches Of Eastwick, I was asked by Ware Operatic Society to take some shots to accompany a press release about the production. The idea was to have the character Darryl Van Horne pictured on a bed surrounded by the three witches.

Luckily, I have a contact who owns a furniture shop and he was happy to allow us to use the bed department for the shot. One of the beds was particularly well lit with ceiling spotbulbs, saving the effort of lugging the lighting gear up the rather narrow stairs to the showroom at the top of the building. The shoot was quite brief, as the performers were quite good at arranging themselves on the bed!

The only post-production work was some adjustments to the lighting levels and the addition of the vignette. Oh, and blurring of the hideous woodchip wallpaper behind the bed!

Photos of the production can be found on my Facebook page in the album: The Witches Of Eastwick