Festival Round-up 2013

I recently uploaded a video of images taken during this year’s festival season. It’s a selection of shots from events such as the Stortford Music Festival, Wilkestock, Woodyfest, Bash In The Barn, the Musical Mystery Tour and Folkstock – 12 days of shooting in all.

The video is set to a soundtrack of Bound To Nowhere by My Little Empire, who are from Borehamwood and regular performers at Wilkestock.

Think Tank Retrospective 20

The quest for the perfect camera bag is journey that many photographers are familiar with. For those that have yet to find the ideal bag, the Think Tank Retrospective may bring that search to a conclusion, if you’re prepared to spend the money. I bought mine online from Speedgraphic after reading lots of positive reviews. Unfortunately it appears there are virtually no shops that stock the Retrospective so I had to buy purchase sight unseen and based purely on photographs and Youtube videos.

Photo of camera bag

I was looking for something to replace my Lowpro Event Messenger 150, which I’d outgrown, so I plumped for the larger Retrospective 20, which at 13″ x 12½ x 7″ is not a small camera bag. I fact it may be too large for the average photographer, but given the negligable cost difference between this and the smaller Retrospective 10, I chose the 20.

All of the reviews I read commented on the quality of the bag – and indeed the materials and manufacture are top class. One reviewer remarked that you could probably tow your car with the strap and he may well be right. This is a bag that is made to last not years but decades. And the quality doesn’t stop with just the physicakl properties of the bag. Think Tank have put a lot of thought in to the design as well.

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