The Library

This is a selection of photography books that I’ve accumulated over time. I use them mostly for browsing or reference, although I have read the odd one or two cover-to-cover. I’d recommend any one of them to anyone interested in photography.


Photoshop CS6: The Missing Manual  Published by O’Reilly, The Missing Manuals series is a highly regarded collection covering a wide variety of software products (and increasingly hardware and wider technical issues and practices, offering a smarter alternative to The Dummies… Guides). This 800 page volume covers everything from The Basics to advanced photoediting and image creation for the web. It’s a great reference work that’s well laid out and simple to understand.

PhotoIdeaIndex:Things  I picked this up at a secondhand bookshop in Letchworth. It’s a collection of mostly abstract images of everyday scenes. It’s a great book for ideas and how to train the eye to see things in a different way. Each chapter covers a different theme, concept or approach to photographing objects or landscapes.

50 Photo Icons  This book takes a historical look at the background to 50 iconic images, starting with Niépce’s 1827 View From The Study Window, the earliest known surviving photograph. The weighty tome goes on to discuss a further 49 images up to the September 11th attack on The Twin Towers. This is a book about images and their context, and how they relate to the period they were taken.

The New Manual of Photography  Just one of 30 books by award-winning photographer John Hedgecoe, this book covers every aspect of photography, from the construction of digital cameras, lenses, filters, exposure, composition, lighting and retouching. It’s an excellent book for both beginners and experienced photographers.