Hot Headshots

Headshots are much in demand at the moment judging by the number of enquiries I’ve been getting recently. Most of these are from performers or business people wanting to update their profiles, either in print material or on websites.

My usual practice for such assignments is to visit the client’s home and set up my mobile studio, which takes around 20 minutes. We then spend around 10-30 minutes taking shots, depending on the client’s requirements. I usually recommend a plain shirt or top, often a neutral colour such as white, grey or black.

There’s typically little post-production work other than tweaking exposures and adding optional vignettes (some clients like them, others don’t). Some clients ask for slight blemishes to be removed whilst others are happy with the natural look. If the work is straightforward and a two minute tweak then I’m happy to do this without any extra charge.

Prices start at £30 and you’ll probably need to set aside no more than an hour. To find out more visit the Portrait Photography & Headshots page on my website.