This is the Canon Selphy CP800, a small dye sublimation printer that produces quality 6×4″ prints in less than 50 seconds.

I’d been thinking about getting one of these for quite a while, principally because with an optional battery pack you can take it out on the road and print photos on the fly directly from an SD memory card.

The dye sublimation print process uses a solid ink that is heated to turn it directly into a gas which is then applied to the special print paper. This means that there are no liquid inks. The same process also apples a protective layer to the finished print that makes them water resistant. They can also be handled immediately.

I’ve used the printer on a number of occasions to hand out complimentary prints, often within a couple of minutes of taking photos. It’s a great promotional tool and the quality of the prints is impressive, equal to if not better than many of the photo labs you’ll find in pharmacists and photo shops.