Drama Promo Shoot

A few weeks ago I took some promotional shots for a local theatre company who were promoting their latest production Agatha Christie’s The Hollow.

The brief included a series of posed shots from the play featuring the performers in costume with props. The photos were then used in promotional materials including posters and the programme for the production.

The shots were taken in a rehearsal room at the company’s headquarters using my mobile studio.

Interestingly, the crab shown in the last image was actually a flat printed cardboard cutout, but through the magic of photography appears very real and three dimensional.

In addition to the posed shots I was also asked to provide some informal black and white images of the play in rehearsal. Other theatre companies have also asked for these in the past and I’m more than happy to provide these. The rehearsal shots were taken handheld using ambient lighting.

Along with the posed shots these images also appeared in the programme.

If you’d like to know more about the photographic services I offer to theatres and drama companies please click the link below.

Theatrical Photography

Alexandra Marr & Associates

I recently did a shoot for a fledgling PR and marketing outfit at their base in Islington, London. Formed in 2010, Alexandra Marr & Associates specialise in the lifestyle and tourism sectors, with offices in both London and Wales.

This was a straightforward brief to provide headshots and capture the working environment – something I call People & Premises.

The staff shots were taken in a meeting room using my mobile studio. We took both individual and group shots before moving to the office for the at work pictures.

Being a new business, the office is quite small and so space to shoot was very restricted. We managed to find an angle that showed the three staff and avoid some of the office clutter such as coat racks and shelving.

There was plenty of daylight in the office thanks to large rooflights so the only additional lighting that was necessary was a touch of fill-in flash.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the services I can offer to business, please feel free to contact me.

Led Astray

A photo from the archive that always brings a smile to my face. It’s a view that greeted me one day whilst out cycling and a photo opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

The title Led Astray suggested itself as soon as I came across the scene, with the path disappearing into a darker place.