I recently took this headshot of Dan using my mobile studio set up in the living room at home.

I used a pop-up background by a window to provide a backlight and a pair of softboxes to light the subject. The whole session lasted just five minutes.

I then used Photoshop to remove the colour and a diffuse glow effect and vignette to produce the final stylised image.

Update: Dan has used this photo in his book Cricket Banter by Dan Whiting and Liam McKenna

The 10K Run

The weather could not have been better for today’s marathon at Haileybury College in aid of The Muscle Help Foundation.

I first became involved in this event last year when I stepped in at the last moment to cover the races – a 10K, 5K and 1K “toddle” for children.

The first must-have photo opportunity is the warm up in which contestants are taken through a warm up routine to prepare for the race.

The presence of a nearby fire escape gave me the perfect vantage point to capture a nice wide view of the warm up, with an excellent backdrop of marquees and a well tended cricket pitch.

The race begins shortly after the warm-up and takes in a course that covers a variety of surfaces, including tarmac, grass and footpaths.

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The 18th Birthday

Over the weekend I covered an 18th birthday party at the Hatfield Forum. The event was attended by around 100 guests, starting shortly after 9:30pm.

The brief was similar to other functions I’ve photographed –  to capture the evening and present an online gallery for the client and guests to view shortly after. The venue was a small bar with a capacity of 150. There was also an outside area used for smoking.

I started out by taking a few scene-setting photos using natural light but other than that I used a flashgun throughout.

All of the guests were contemporaries of the hostess with many keen to be photographed, which certainly made my job a lot easier! Many of the girls were happy to pose and the hostess would frequently request photos with guests. As well as the posed shots I also took candid shots of the guests enjoying themselves, both inside the bar and out.

I spent about three hours at the event leaving around 1:00am. The following day was spent selecting and editing images – correcting lighting, removing red-eye and sharpening before posting the online gallery less than 24 hours after the event. A CD of the images was delivered to the client the day after.

If you’re looking for a party photographer or want to find out more about the event photography services I offer visit www.stevebeeston.co.uk/event-photography.asp.

Exhibition Website Launched

Today I’ve launched a new exhibition website featuring photographs from around the county of Hertfordshire.

Over the last few months I’ve been to every corner of the county to provide material for the site, which features both rural and urban scenes.

The gallery slideshow plays automatically and each picture is accompanied by a short description, which can be shown by clicking on the info symbol in the to left-hand corner. You can also chose between light and dark themes.

Initially the site features 32 photos but I anticipate the number will increase over the coming months.

You can find my new gallery website at www.stevebeeston.com.