Portraiture On Location

The time and weather often dictates the schedule when it comes to location photography. Any outdoor setting is going to be subject to the weather so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the forecast in the days before a shoot and to have a secondary location in mind.

Good outdoor locations include parks, fields, rivers, stately homes and gardens, ancient ruins, farms and churches.

You can add interest by using bridges, walls, steps and trees either as a backdrop or as part of the composition. Needless to say, lighting isn’t going to be much of a challenge with most of these locations, unless you choose dawn or dusk to take the photos.

Indoor locations that provide a good setting include churches, where you can use pews, doorways and balconies to good effect; abandoned buildings and railways for drama or mood; and the interior of stately homes or grand buildings for elegance.

All of these need proper assessment before the shoot to get an idea of their suitability and to identify any risk factors.

Attention should also be paid to backgrounds and lighting. Indoor locations particularly need to be checked for combinations of natural and artificial lighting and unwanted distractions.