EmmaH Lingerie

It’s always a pleasure to help out a new business, so I was delighted to shoot some material for the launch of a new lingerie shop in Hertford.

With retail businesses (and others) I like to focus on the three Ps – Product, Premises and Proprietor, creating a narrative that not only features the product but also the people behind the business and the physical services offered.

I was lucky that the product here was something that trades on visual appeal, so it was just a case of showing the product in an appropriate setting for the business.

In a retail business the premises are also an important factor as it’s the principle point of contact for the customer. In this case I thought it important to show what the premises have to offer the customer, and this was to reflect the thought that had gone into the changing rooms.

And the finally, there’s the proprietor, the person who you’re doing business with – in this case Emma Hares, who prides herself on a personal service.

Here I’ve made a point of showing Emma with the product, rather than making her the sole focus of the shot.

EmmaH Lingerie is now open in Fore Street, Hertford. Her website is at www.emmah.co.uk.

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