Portraiture Effects

I’ve recently taken some more shots of local actor Ian Houghton and I used the opportunity to introduce a bit of drama by applying a few effects.

Portrait of actor Ian Houghton

The Dragan effect accentuates detail and contrast, whilst pulling out some of the colour saturation. It was pioneered by Polish photographer Andrzej Dragan and is often used for character portraits.

Another effect I’m quite keen on is Diffuse Glow, which is can easily be achieved in Photoshop, Picasa and other photo editing applications.

Portrait of Ian Houghton featuring diffuse glow effect

This can be seen as having the opposite effect to Dragan, in that it softens the picture and reduces contrast, making the skin textures appear smoother.

Both of these shots were taken in Ian’s conservatory, using a pop-up background and single softbox to balance out the natural lighting.

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