Yes, Prime Minister

I was at the Gielgud Theatre in London’s West End on Friday, taking photos of Yes, Prime Minister. The show is an updated script by Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, based on the popular TV comedy.

This was a dress rehearsal for the understudies, who have to be able to go on at any time and therefore have to be fully up to speed with their performances

I was lucky enough to have the run of the entire auditorium, including the stalls, circle and boxes, which gave me a wide range of angles to shoot from. However, I always prefer to shoot from the front of the stalls as this gives the best angle for facial expressions and body language.

As it wasn’t a technical rehearsal I was also able to shoot with the stage fully lit in a photographer-friendly configuration.

Shooting in a West End theatre is little different from any other theatre, apart from the splendid surroundings and the more acute angles offered by the circle.

Yes, Prime Minister is playing at The Gieldgud Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, until 15th January 2011. The show then goes on a national tour until June.