I took some photos of a friend’s young daughter recently and was very pleased with the results. Although she wasn’t really in the mood to have her photo taken I did manage to capture some very nice shots as she broke into a smile.

Winnats Pass

I took this picture of Winnats Pass in The Peak District whilst holidaying there last year.

I was careful with both my timing and choice of angle so as to hide the fact that there’s actually a road running through it.

Why Use A Professional?

Given that photography has never been more available to the masses, it’s quite legitimate to ask why anyone would pay a professional to take pictures.

There are many keen and competent amateurs and hobbyists out there creating some excellent work and I wouldn’t want to take anything away from their achievements.

What marks out the pro however is the amount of time they have to dedicate to their craft. A professional will have studied and have a sound background in aspects such as composition, lighting, post-production and presentation, not to mention an investment in equipment and facilities. A professional lives and breathes photography.

When photographing people in a formal situation, a career photographer will have patience and an ability to command whatever circumstances he or she is presented with. This is especially true of occasions such as weddings where you have to get it right first time, regardless of the environment. On other occasions, relaxed and informal, the photographer might have to blend into the background, being as unobtrusive as possible.

Overall, a professional photographer has to produce work that is of value. Work that people are prepared to pay for. To do this he or she has perform to a standard that stands out.