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Led Astray

A photo from the archive that always brings a smile to my face. It’s a view that greeted me one day whilst out cycling and a photo opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

The title Led Astray suggested itself as soon as I came across the scene, with the path disappearing into a darker place.


The rollout of my new branding is almost complete, with new business cards printed and idents applied to the website, blog and Facebook presence.


The branding replaces the SB monogram and brings a more distinct and modern feel to the business.

I spent many hours studying the way other photographers represent themselves and decided on a graphic design rather than a photography led approach. It was always going to be difficult to choose just one or two images to represent what I do.

My house colours remain unchanged from the orange and blue/green that I’ve previously used.

Exhibition Website Launched

Today I’ve launched a new exhibition website featuring photographs from around the county of Hertfordshire.

Over the last few months I’ve been to every corner of the county to provide material for the site, which features both rural and urban scenes.

The gallery slideshow plays automatically and each picture is accompanied by a short description, which can be shown by clicking on the info symbol in the to left-hand corner. You can also chose between light and dark themes.

Initially the site features 32 photos but I anticipate the number will increase over the coming months.

You can find my new gallery website at

Muscle Help Promo Shots

Yesterday I took some promo shots for the Muscle Help Foundation, a charity dedicated to young people with Muscular Dystrophy.

The shoot featured CEO and co-founder Michael McGrath together with Olympic hopeful Jodie Williams, who has recently become an ambassador for the charity.

The shoot took place at a training centre in St.Albans using a short section of running track as a backdrop and some promotional stands for the charity and their annual 10K run.

The shots will accompany a press release and other promotional materials for the charity.

The charity’s website can be found at