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Olympus SP560

Despite now being some five years old, I still occasionally use my Olympus SP560-UZ, an excellent camera with a wealth of features and a good lens.

Being an ultra-zoom camera, the standout feature of course is the 18x zoom lens, equivalent to 27-486mm on a 35mm camera. There’s also the macro and super-macro functionality that allows you to focus as close as 1cm, which for me can be very handy when doing product photography with smaller items and need to show detail.

There’s also a wealth of other features, including aperture and shutter priority, as well as full manual exposure; optional 3×2 aspect ratio, ISO sensitivity up to 3200 and RAW mode. The digital image stabilisation is also very good.

As well as the useful macro mode, I like to take this camera out when I want to use something a little better than my point-and-shoot Canon IXUS but without the weight and bulk of my dSLR.


Wherever I go I always make sure I have a camera with me. You never know when a golden opportunity might present itself so if and when that happens I want to make sure I’ve got something more than a camera phone to hand.

My current choice of point-and-shoot camera is a Canon IXUS 120 IS, a beautifully compact and well-built camera that not only shoots stills but also takes 720p High Definition video.

Some of the stand out features of this camera include a wide 28mm equivalent lens with 4x zoom, a large 2.7 inch screen, 80-3200 ISO sensitivity and optical image stabilisation (as opposed to the more common digital stabilisation found on compact cameras).

The IXUS is also a very stylish and pocketable piece of kit, at just 20mm think and the same size as a credit card. And, of course, it’s a Canon.

I’m very pleased with the images produced by this camera and the HD video is excellent. It’s small enough to fit in any pocket, although I often use a case. The 2.7″ display is also very good, with an anti-reflective coating.

Overall I’m very pleased with with the IXUS 120 and it’s a joy to carry around with me and use.