Fitted Kitchens

Photographing interiors is something I’ve always enjoyed so I was delighted to be asked to photograph a fitted kitchen for local company Clover Kitchens. The business is a family-run concern that installs quality kitchens and my brief was to photograph a recent installation, with the images being used on the web and in promotional materials to illustrate the quality of fittings and workmanship that the business provides.

It goes without saying that interiors need to be presented at their best, so the location has to be clean, tidy and free from domestic debris before the session begins. I often use a checklist and walk around the location to make sure that surfaces are clean, doors and windows are closed where necessary and the scene is generally uncluttered. I pay particular attention to reflective surfaces – smears ¬†and marks on reflective surfaces can will show up in photographs and whilst these can often be fixed in post-productions it’s better to get the shot right in the camera to start with.

I aim to shoot a variety of angles, both of the general area and of closer detail. As with all such shoots, the particular installation has it’s own characteristics. One of the notable features of this location was the fact that the large outside windows let in lots of light on one side of the kitchen whilst the far side was less well lit. The camera will pick this up more than the naked eye so a little post-production work was necessary in some shots to lighten the darker areas and suppress the lighter ones. Another issue with the windows was that they looked out on to a busy garden and this could be seen in the reflective surfaces of one side on the kitchen. This limited the angles that could be used to shoot from. Whilst a polarising filter can provide some defence against reflections this very much depends on the angles involved.

This shot shows the sink and surrounding work surfaces.
Much kitchen functionality is hidden so its important to reveal this.
This image demonstrates how reflections can potentially distract from the subject.
I took this long shot from the very end of the kitchen dining area.

Clover Kitchens have showrooms in Hertford, St.Albans and St.Neots. To find out more about just click on the link below.