Fume Cupboards

A couple of weeks ago I took some shots for a Hertford business that manufactures fume cupboards and associated accessories.

The brief was to photograph the units from the front and present them on a white background for use in literature and on the web. The work took place at the client’s factory.

A couple of challenges presented themselves with this assignment. Firstly, the cupboards have highly reflective surfaces; and secondly, they feature lots of horizontal and vertical lines.

The reflective surfaces are made up of white gloss paintwork and windows. The challenge is to place the lighting such that reflections and shadows are minimal. The cabinets are also lit internally so there is also an additional matter of balancing lighting temperatures and intensity.

The straight lines of the units mean that the camera has to be positioned to get the correct perspective and minimise geometric distortion. Unfortunately space was limited with one of the cupboards and therefore it was necessary to tweak the perspective in Photoshop.

The units where lit with a pair of 400W strobes and exposure was manual, using an aperture of around f5.6 to f8.

As well as correcting perspective and geometry in Photoshop, I also made the usual tweaks to the colour curves, before isolating the cupboards from the background.

If you’re a business and Hertfordshire or Essex and you need images of products like this then find out more by visiting my Product Photography page.