Candlelit Promo

Earlier in the week I took a promotional shot for a production of Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer. The brief from the director was for a shot of the characters lit only by candlelight.

The shot was taken in a rehearsal room and the grouping composed with the lights on. Selected members of the cast were then given large tealights to hold and the lights turned out. We then made adjustments to the positioning of the candles whilst the cast remained otherwise perfectly still. This allowed us to get the best lighting angles.

The resulting shot was exposed at F9 for ┬╝sec at ASA1600 with a focal length of 58mm. A smaller aperture was needed for the depth of field of about a metre, although the larger image shows that the nearest subject is a little out of focus.

The only retouching was applied to the character in the top left of the picture where the portion of face that was in shadow was lightened a little.