Civic Society Awards

Yesterday evening I photographed an awards ceremony for the local civic society. These are presented annually to local projects of outstanding architectural merit.

I only had a few seconds after each presentation to capture the host Russ Craig (left) congratulating the recipient.

I used a flashgun and diffuser with the camera set on Program mode and an ISO of 1000, so that the flash intensity was balanced with the ambient light. Although the different colour temperatures can be observed, I don’t think it’s too distracting. I also didn’t have a lot of space, as the room was very crowded. The subjects were only about 3m in front of me and the picture is quite tightly cropped to hide the Powerpoint presentation to the immediate left and the seated guests out of shot to the right.

This photo is particularly interesting because it’s a composite. I took two shots of this presentation, just a few seconds apart. In the first image, the host on the left blinked, and in the second the recipient was looking off to the right. Despite both shots being 1/60th at f7.1, there was a slight difference in flash intensity, which meant that one image was slightly darker, so as well as marrying the two images together, I also had to adjust the levels in one to match the other.