Tomb With A View

My second job at Hertford Theatre this month, photographing Hertford Dramatic & Operatic Society‘s production of Tomb With a View by Norman Robbins.

The action takes place in the library of the family home, the gothic Monument House, represented by a box set.

The first and last acts are set during the evening, with the lighting reflecting the colour temperature and characteristics of artificial light. The second act is set during the day, and is both brighter and cooler.

There’s plenty in this production to keep the photographer busy, with eccentric characters and costumes and plenty of drama.

Godfrey Marriott as Marcus Tomb and Keith Morbey as family solicitor Hamilton Penworthy
Davina Foster plays Freda Mountjoy
Jim Markey as Perry, listens in on a conversation between family solicitor Hamilton Penworthy and nurse Anne Franklin
The late Septimus Tomb’s will is not to everyone’s liking

The Tombs family aren’t used to guests leaving
Julie Markey plays Dora Tombs
More questions than answers
Perry has his hands full dealing with the advances of Monica Tombs, played by Lorraine Bottomley
Anne and Perry are confronted with another murder

Tomb With A View runs at Hertford Theatre from Wednesday 23rd to Saturday 26th March 2011.

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