Ware Operatic Society stage a major production every year at the Hertford Theatre. This year’s presentation is Rogers & Hammerstein’s Carousel, directed by John Hedben.

The society’s productions are always of a high calibre, with excellent performances from talented singers, as well as colourful sets and lighting – a gift to the theatrical photographer!

Fiona Wilkie and Craig Berry as Julie Jordan and Billy Bigelow
Mick Wilson and Izzy Bates as Jigger and Carrie
David Ronco plays God
Katy Bovaird and supporting cast

Mick Wilson as Jigger
Izzy Bates as Carrie
At Death's Door
Jenny Reynolds and Craig Berry
God shows Billy the future

Carousel runs at Hertford Theatre from 1st – 5th March 2011. To find out more about Ware Operatic Society, visit their website at